Digital Stereo condenser microphone replaces field recorders with the ability to record audio on the go onto an iOS device. Features include 5 preloaded DSP settings, Lightning Connector compatibility, and iOS ShurePlus MOTIV app editing.

Main Features

  • 90 degree adjustable microphone element for highly flexible positioning
  • 5 preloaded DSP settings - speech, singing, flat, acoustic instrument and loud
  • Mid-side architecture for a clear stereo image
  • Included windscreen for reliable outdoor performance
  • MFi certified for use with Apple devices with Lightning Connector
  • Dedicated iOS ShurePlus MOTIV app enables recording and editing at 24 bit / 48 kHz, alongside manual adjustments to limiter, compressor, five band EQ, stereo width, and polar pattern

Recording ‘The Sound of Iceland’

When one thinks about Iceland, normally the first thing that comes to mind is the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. Those of you who have visited Iceland will also know about the stunning landscape and the ever changing weather. However, one thing that is often overlooked is just how amazing Iceland ‘Sounds’.

Thomas Wing-Evans and Michael Perkins embarked on a sound and photography project in Iceland. All of the sounds they captured were using a Shure MV88 with an iphone. They have also been kind enough to share their sounds with us (you’ll see them in the playlist below).

To read the interview about the project, visit the Shure UK Blog


Where can the MOTIV MV88 be used??

The MV88 is the perfect high-fidelity solution for mobile capture of all variations: live performance, interviewing, audio for video and vocal and instrument recording. Shure-tested, all-metal construction with included windscreen for reliable and durable performance in any environment.

How does this microphone deliver clean stereo imaging?

The MV88 offers a mid-side architecture for a phase-perfect, clear stereo image. It comes with five DSP preset modes – speech, singing, flat, acoustic instrument and loud – which automatically adjust EQ, compression and limiting.?
The ShurePlus MOTIV app is the control centre for audio customisation, which allows uncompressed files to be recorded at 24 bit / 48 kHz. You can also adjust the stereo width to suit anything from an orchestra to an individual artist, and capture only the sound you want by selecting a specific polar pattern. You can also manually fine tune your EQ.

Which devices is the MOTIV MV88 compatible with?

The MOTIV MV88 is Apple MFi certified for use with any Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPod) with Lightning Connector. Using the MOTIV app, your Apple device will become the hub for your recording controls, letting you conveniently select from preset audio settings or tweak manually for an individual sound.

Furnished Accessories

Illustration Shure iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone
Amount Part Title
1 MV88 Foam Windscreen Part AMV88-WS
1 MV88 Carrying Case Part AMV88-CC
1 Headphone Monitor Adapting Cable Part 95A13511

Available Variants


Technical specifications

40 g
Height x Width x Depth:
67.0 × 25.0 × 35.0 mm
Frequency Response:
20 Hz – 20 kHz
Frequency Response:
Sound Pressure:
120 dB(A)
Transducer Type:
Polar Pattern:
Bidirectional, Cardioid
Switchable low cut:
Interchangeable Capsule:
Main Functionality:
Headphone Output:
Requires Phantom Power:
Powered by phone VDC
Frequency Response Curve Image:
Shure iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone                  Frequency Response Curve Image

Compatible Software


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Are there specific requirements concerning operating systems that should be met to be compatible with the Motiv devices?

Motiv can be used with any Mac or PC. Additionally, all iDevices that come with a lightning port can be connected to the Motiv products.

Is this unit plug-and-play?

Yes. No driver needs to be installed.

Will this unit work with Windows and Mac?

Full list of Shure technical questions and answers

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