Strong ideas demand robust audio solutions.

When words can make history, audio clarity is critical. Innovative conference systems by Shure turn talking points into progress.

From legislative chambers to multinational assemblies, there’s no time for faulty audio or complicated solutions. You need an audio system that delivers clarity and efficiency.

Discreet. Flexible. Scalable. Shure conferencing technology is the innovative way to streamline formal meetings and bring order to international conferences.

City Council

Complete Control. Effective Results.

From small councils with less than 20 members, to big city governments with up to hundreds of people, council members meet with a purpose – to serve and support their local communities. Successful council meetings require comprehensive meeting management tools that facilitate formal, structured discussion under parliamentary rule of order, enable efficient decision making, and properly document results and outcomes.

Shure Integrated Systems are designed to seamlessly manage every aspect of a council meeting, providing complete control over audio, agenda, supporting documents, voting and display, and web streaming. With a variety of comprehensive system solutions, Shure enables more productive meetings, allowing councils to exclusively focus on legislation and decision making, and safeguarding the prosperity of their communities.


Unbiased Audio. Just Verdicts.

Courtrooms provide a forum to test and enforce the rule of law. They are the highest instance for legal dispute resolution and central place for making decisions on civil, criminal, or adminstrative matters. In pursuit of outcomes that are just and fair, trials and hearings are conducted in a well-structured and orderly manner. No matter the size and design of the courtroom, or nature of the court case, audio solutions are usually required to facilitate procedures and enable effective exchange between all participants, while ensuring adherence to judical proceedings as dictated by law.

Shure Integrated Systems Solutions bring highest quality audio to the courtroom, allowing everyone to hear and be heard clearly. Advanced technologies allow trials and hearings to be conducted most efficiently, while also providing comprehensive solutions that ensure compliance with strictest procedural rules.


Whether you require an easy to use out-of-the-box solution for your meeting room or a wireless microphone system for the most demanding managed AV enivronments – Shure conferencing and microphone products are the right choice, wherever leaders and speakers bring their work to life. 


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