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Microflex? Complete Wireless

Effortless Meetings

The Freedom To Collaborate

Microflex Complete Wireless makes any room the meeting room. It's wireless that just works, allowing you and your team members to focus on what's important.

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works in any room

From flexible meeting spaces to high profile historic venues, Microflex Complete Wireless goes anywhere your meetings take you.

worry free wireless

Get the most from your meetings with the confidence of unmatched wireless performance.

Automated Frequency Coordination

Automatically scans the available spectrum and selects clean transmission channels for best performance.

Interference Detection and Avoidance

Moves away from unexpected interference, wireless channel adjustment occurs with no disruption to the meeting's agenda.


Standard AES-128 wireless encryption keeps meeting content private for peace of mind.

quick setup

The system is comprised of only three core components — helping you go from cart to conference in minutes.

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great sound for every participant

The unique all-in-one design of each delegate unit can be equipped with a variety of gooseneck lengths - all with industry-standard Microflex? capsules to capture every word. And your attendees will hear every word too, with a high-quality loudspeaker for great audio at every seat.

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scales to your needs

Require more advanced features? Microflex Complete Wireless supports participant voting and interpretation, all controlled through an integrated browser-based interface.

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Also in Wired

Need to fit in more meeting participants? Require more advanced meeting management features? Microflex Complete is available as a wired solution, with both table-top and flush-mount components for permanent, fully integrated installations.